Creative Real Estate Investing For Today’s Real World




Inventory is artificially tight even though there are MILLIONS of

foreclosures, short sales and REOS.

Yet in many areas, sellers can’t get rid of their

properties because the financing falls through for

some “reason.”




You know why.

Because the banks are holding onto their money tighter than


ESPECIALLY if you’re an investor.


Are banks lending?

Sure… IF you’ve got near perfect credit, a hefty down payment and you intend to live in the property. Frankly that just doesn’t describe any real estate investor I know – especially someone just getting started.

Big hedge funds that are LOADED with cash like Blackstone are snapping up 10s of 1000s of houses across the country.


But you don’t need to be a Wall Street Genius to know that NOW is the absolute best time to buy real estate.


You need to get in the game.

But how?

When the going gets tough, the tough get CREATIVE!


Creative Real Estate Investing

For Today’s Real World

Manual 269 x 304



YOU’VE heard it all before:

  • No money down
  • Make $10,000 (or more!) in your first 30 days
  • Become a real estate mogul and fire your boss!
  • Join now let us help you (but AT WHAT PRICE?)

And that can be done. It has been done. But if you look at the small print in those ads, you’ll see (in teeny-tiny letters) “Results not typical.”


Here’s what they don’t tell you.


Most of those techniques and strategies came about in the 70s and 80s when the original “no money down” gurus made their money. Frankly, real estate was the Wild, Wild West back then.


  • Mortgages were assumable.
  • You didn’t have to qualify.
  • There was no “Due on Sale” clause in mortgages.
  • Lending decisions were made by PEOPLE, not computers.
  • Regulation was close to non-existent.


In fact, to say there were fewer rules and regulations back then would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT.


Have you noticed all the regulations that have come in are designed specifically to benefit the banks and Wall Street and to

Freeze out

the little guy?


So is creative real estate dead?




Let me tell you why.


The fact that the banks are being very stingy with their money is a HUGE BENEFIT TO YOU.

Why? It’s not just investors who can’t get financed. Most people have barely made it out of the recession with the shirts on their backs. Their credit is not just dinged – it’s been TOTALED!  People have lost their jobs, lost their houses, and are fighting their way back.

The American people are tough. If they get knocked on their butts, they’re going to stand right back up and slug their way out of this mess. 

But you can bet the banks aren’t helping them.

That’s where the creative real estate investor – YOU – come in.

Let’s look at sellers. Someone who:

  • Is not in foreclosure.
  • Is not upside down in his house.
  • Who didn’t pay top dollar at the height of the boom and then refinanced every last penny out of the property.
  • Maybe it’s a tired landlord.
  • Maybe it’s someone who took a new job and had to move and now is paying on two mortgages.
  • Maybe someone who needs to downsize or grow into a bigger house but can’t until they sell the one they are in. 
  • Maybe there’s a divorce, or a marriage, a new baby or your elderly mom comes to live with you.

Those are normal situations that happen every day in the real world.

What happens when an owner tries to sell a house that is NOT in distress?

They still have to sell at distress prices.


Because that is where the market is at.

They are competing with foreclosures and short sales.

And if their house needs some fix up and the REO property down the street that is listed for the same price doesn’t, then they are at a distinct disadvantage.


Both properties are going to have a hard time finding a “qualified” — meaning “bank finance able” — buyer.

for only $349.00

Go ahead. Ask real estate agents or loan officers how many financed deals are actually closing.

  • Ask them what percentage of sales that closed were CASH DEALS.
  • You will hear horror stories of deals falling through at the closing table.
  • Lenders insisting that the buyer put more money down or holding a buyer hostage by insisting a short sale isn’t an arm’s length transaction and charging an extra $2,000 – $5,000 to look the other way. 
  • Even – yes, this is true – requiring the buyer to deposit an amount EQUAL TO THE LOAN AMOUNT into a new account at their bank.

 Still think the game isn’t rigged?

So if a seller can’t find a qualified buyer, what happens?


  • The house sits.
  • The payment eats away at the owner a month at a time.
  • They want to move forward with their life but they have an anchor — this HOUSE — that is holding him back.


And here is where David can beat Goliath.

Real estate is a people business.

A person with a house they can’t sell is a person with a problem. 

Creative real estate investing is all about solving people’s problems, finding a way to help them out of their situation that is beneficial to you.

It’s got to be a win/win deal. You’re not in the charity business. You are in this for the profit. But you will find that if you can solve a person’s problem, you can make a lot of money.

Sellers are more open to creative real estate techniques because they don’t really have a choice.

  • Their buyers can’t get financed.
  • They are stuck.


That doesn’t mean they are going to welcome some crazy, off-the-wall offer with open arms.

  • Your offer has to be logical.
  • The owner has to feel secure in doing the deal.
  • You need to be able to demonstrate why selling their house to you on terms is the right thing for them.

Manual 269 x 304


Most importantly,

  • You have to do it legally.
  • You have to do it ethically.
  • You have to do it right.


And that means laying down a solid foundation of strategies, techniques and systems that will cause you to meet your personal real estate objectives.


“Creative Real Estate Investing for Today’s Real World” shows you how to do just that.

This six module course is designed to give you the background you need for an overall understanding of creative real estate and how you can make it work to achieve your financial freedom goals.

for only $349.00

Module 1 – Getting Started

  • Is real estate right for you?
  • Do you have the proper mindset and temperament?
  • Is your family on board with the idea of investing in real estate or are you going this alone? 
  • Where do you stand financially?
  • What skills do you bring to the table? 
  • What benefits do YOU want to get from your real estate investments?


Module 2 – Farming and Finding Your Deals

  • Choosing Neighborhoods
  • What Kind of Houses are in Demand?
  • Learning Your Local Market – Sale Prices and Rents
  • Finding the Deals
  • Sending Out Mailings to Find Deals


Module 3 – Gathering Information on the Property

  • How to Uncover a World of Information at Your Fingertips
  • County Property Appraiser
  • County Courthouse Records 
  • Gathering Information from the Owner 
  • Property Information Sheet


Module 4 – The Numbers and the Art of Negotiation

  • Learn the 8 CRITICAL Areas Of Numbers in Every Real Estate Deal
  • 60 Sample Questions to Use When Talking with Home Owners
  • 18 Rules of Thumb When Negotiating


Module 5 – Formulating Your Offer

  • Six Creative Methods of Acquiring Control of Properties
  • Taking Fear Out of the Equation for Owners
  • Why You Don’t Have to Get a “Steal” to Make a Profit


Module 6 – Documents and Writing the Offer

  • Why You MUSTUnderstand the Documents You Use
  • Standard Forms Don’t Work for Non-Standard Deals
  • What is a Deed, Note and Mortgage?
  • Sample of a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

You also get….

 An Appendix CRAMMED with Check Lists and Sheets for every aspect of your investing:

  • Checklist for Finding and Defining the Target Area
  • Checklist for the Property and its Physical Aspects
  • Checklist for the People – The Owners
  • Checklist for the Property Data – The Appraiser’s Office, The Courthouse and The Engineering Reports
  • Checklist for the All-important, Crucial Property Numbers List
  • Checklist for the Problem – Actual Reason for Selling or Moving
  • Checklist for Purchasing – The Offer, Contract or Agreement
  • Checklist for the Title Company
  • Checklist for the Closing or Settlement


 Spreadsheet Templates for

  • Your monthly expenses
  • Assets
  • Real Estate Cash Flow
  • Property Income and Expenses
  • Investment Capital

Within these pages you will find

  • How to recognize a deal that’s GOOD FOR YOU.
  • How to Find Deals that Aren’t on the Radar.
  • How to structure your deals to truly minimize risk (and that certainly does not involve going down to the bank and signing with a personal guaranty!!)
  • How to create cash flows and income streams faster than you thought possible.
  • And most importantly, how to think creatively in times that call for creative ideas.
  • Plus, much more.


Over 100 content-packed pages available for you 

for only $349.00


Now is the time to get your real estate career started and lift it to the next level.

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YES! That’s a STEAL of a DEAL       Manual 179 x 202


 There is no “trick” to getting rich in real estate.

It is a matter of having:

  • A solid plan and the
  • KNOWLEDGE to create deals in today’s market place


You can learn that with:


Creative Real Estate Investing for Today’s Real World


Real estate is a dynamic market – it changes every day and each deal is different. A cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. But overall systems and goals create a solid foundation to work from.

Creative Real Estate for Today’s Real World gives you that foundation.

Take advantage of this opportunity to start your investing career. 


This is THE BEST source of information for new and intermediate investors.


Just $349.00 will get you started TODAY!

Note: You will be emailed a link to download your manual. If you don’t receive it within 15 minutes, please check your spam folder.

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You can have INSTANT access to Creative Real Estate for Today’s Real World 


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life of financial freedom to gain.